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Mexican Street Decoration

"Our company started with a simple need to get  authentic Mexican food from Finland as well."


Taco Nitois a Finnish-Mexican family business whose roots come from the capital of Mexico and the state of Oaxaca. We started selling Mexican street food already in2011 at various events around Finland

Taco Niton-ruokafilosofia  reflects a long and rich Mexican cultural heritage. We like to think that our job is to shareof Mexicoculinary traditions for our customers and employees.

This is only possible with hard work and love for authentic Mexican cuisine. Traditional Mexican cuisine contains many different  ingredients, and good food also requires a lot of time and work. We have always chosen fast street food portions for the menuTijuanafrom the streetsof Oaxacaup to the cathedral.

Corn tortillas

Soft fresh corn tortillas have been used in Mexico for centuries. Tortilla mass is made from corn flour and water. After this, the pulp is made into round tortillas that are baked on a hot griddle. A fresh tortilla is always soft. The process is very similarFinnishthe manufacture of a petticoat.

We only use GMO-free corn flour in our corn tortillas.


Various salsas are the cornerstones of Mexican cuisine  There are hundreds of different salsas and every Mexican restaurant has its own secret recipe. This also applies to us and we recommend you to tasteSalsa Moro.Morothe name comes from our grandfather who owned a small hacienda in Mexico a long time ago.


We prepare all our salsas at Taco nito almost daily from fresh ingredients. We use traditional onesMexicans recipes

Meats & vegetables

We use 100% Finnish meat in our restaurant. We do not use semi-prepared or frozen products. The fillings and vegetables are always fresh and prepared daily in our restaurant

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